Zomboss Letter to Homeowner

Dear Friend,

I could see a swarm of zombies fast approaching on your lawn.They actually left me a message on my doorstep hours ago and told me they're about to launch an all-out attack on my lawn.I tried to protect my lawn by planting some zombie-zapping plants but I ran out of sunflower seeds so they ate my brains.I remember, I just woke up after my brain got eaten but I manage to hide some parts of it under my ass so that they won't be able to smell it and so that I could still warn you my friend.Remember the seeds my wife gave you two months ago? The seeds I told you I mutated from some human genes where all defense mechanisms are processed.

I remember your mom took it and kept it inside a box together with her garden tools.So far, the neighboorhood had been invaded by these pesky zombies and will try to eat each homeowners brain.Now go get those plants and plant them before your brains will get eaten too.Save your family, your life and especially your lawn because I remember how your mom took care of mowing it last Friday.As far as I could remember I even helped her dig holes on the ground for the seeds.Only to find out that she will try to plant there magic beans! So silly,but come on your life rest on the seeds my wife gave you.

Your Bestfriend-turned-Zombie,
Edgar George Zomboss

P.S: I remember, I'm a zombie now - I will also try to eat your brain! I will come with them but it might take some time since I'm creating a robot as of the moment.However, I will try not to eat my ass because as what I've told you some parts of my brain are inside it.

And oh, I know Crazy Dave used to rent your garage.He bought most of my experiments four weeks ago, he is a nutty businessman but then you can stop by his garage-turned store if you ran out of seeds to plant.He's also got lots of other fantastic items for retail.You need all your life savings to buy all the things you may need against the zombies.

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